You Need A Pay Per Click Ad Campaign! Part 2

In the first article of this two part series, we explored how pay per click systems work, took a look at the most popular advertising networks. We also learned about the difference between having an ad appear on a search engine results page versus appearing on a related niche website.

This time we will take a look at some of the most effective ways of optimizing your pay per click campaign. While books have been written on Internet marketing campaigns, you likely do not have the time to drop your work to read and analyze their contents. Here are a few basic things to remember in order to remain profitable when formulating your campaign.

One. Choose the most effective keyword you can think of. If they keyword or keyword phrase you choose is uncommon, people will not use it in their searches. Fortunately, an ineffective keyword will not cost you much as no one will find your ad to click on it. At the same time, an ineffective ad will result in little to no new web traffic.

The keyword should also be worth the money you are paying. You will find yourself in a considerable amount of debt very quickly, if you are paying $1.00 per click but each visitor only generates $.50 in income. Make sure the cost per click (known as CPC) is low enough to ensure you will earn a profit clickfunnels pricing cost.

Two. The ad you write needs to be effective enough to tell potential visitors what you have to offer while discouraging information seekers. Information seekers are those most likely to visit your website for details but are not very likely to make an actual purchase. Including the price of the product you are trying to sell within your ad will discourage information seekers from visiting your website. Doing so means you will not have to pay for a click from a visitor who is not likely to make a purchase or return at a later date.

Three. Do a little research and learn how to write an effective sales advertisement. The words you use should entice readers and lead them to believe your company or website is the only one that will give them the results they are looking for. The headline and text of the ad are of equal importance, so pay special attention to both.

Four. Testing your ads on a regular basis is essential. Do not be afraid to change your ad if it is not effective at bringing profitable business to your site. Experiment with different headlines and interchangeable text. Doing so will allow you to adjust your campaign and funnel your marketing funds more profitably.

Five. Educate yourself. Study ads in your same niche or genre along with those that use the same or similar keywords. The ads you see most frequently are most likely successful. If they were not, the owners would not keep paying for them. While you can not plagiarize another company’s ad, you can certainly learn from it.

Do not forget! An effective PPC marketing campaign will bring business to your website as long as you find it profitable. Patience in experimentation is incredibly important when working with PPC ad networks. If you find that one ad or network is not working, experiment with others. Good luck!

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